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by Eugene R. Webb

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Most of us take things for granted, it seems;
It certainly not the way to fulfill your dreams.
Real success and happiness depends on you;
All the choices you make and the things you do.

Some smart people just don’t have common sense;
So in their life, around them they throw up a fence.
The best way to kill an idea, and it’s not a hunch;
Just take it to a meeting with an extra big bunch.

Learn from the mistakes of others, for our own sake;
Those will be the ones we won’t have to make.
Christians, sure do have a lot to be happy about;
For they have chosen the wonderful joyful route.

Positive thinking can turn your whole life around;
At least that is what I have truthfully found.
Also if you have the desire to feel really swell;
Then you must treat all our brothers and sisters well.

Don’t ever go looking for trouble, it’s so easy to find;
In the real world there are people with a crazy mind.
Also there’s some who think they’re better than most;
You can tell who they are, for they do like to boast.

Each day is called a present, because it’s a gift;
When you look at it that way, it’ll give you a lift.
So you’ll get out of life’s bank what you put in it;
If you will just keep, keeping on and never ever quit.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.