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Webb’s Rules: NURSES

There is certainly nothing worse;
Than actually being sick without a nurse.
Nurses have more patience than you can believe;
And they will go to any length to achieve.

Nurses will gladly take care of all your needs;
They can stop a cut or a wound if it should bleed.
A nurse will climb over a bed to needle you;
It’s just one of the many things they love to do.

A nurse will never cause a patient any harm;
But they do enjoy giving you a shot in the arm.
Nurses are considerate, thoughtful and kind;
They always have their patient’s interest in mind.

Nurses are God’s angels that are in disguise;
They are more helpful than you can realize.
A real good nurse is also very brave;
For people she’ll work real hard to save.

Every household should have a nurse or two;
For in a crisis they know just what to do.
So how lucky can this one Grandpa possibly be;
To have three nurses in our wonderful family.

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