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by Eugene R. Webb

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Here’s an animal that you might fear;
A Possum with a large head and hairless ears.
He has a long pointed snout and resembles a rat;
The scary looking Possum is as large as any cat.

Like the Kangaroo, she carries the young in a pouch;
They crawl all over her body while travelling about.
The female also brings forth 7 to 13 young at a time;
This thing about the Possum will blow your mind.

A Possum has a very strong hairless tail over its back;
It seems there is nothing that this animal does lack.
Uses its tail and thumb-like big toe to climb a tree;
They are very interesting and as smart as they can be.

The Possum on a branch he’ll wrap his tail around;
He likes eating mice, birds, while hanging upside down.
Here’s something that should take away your breath;
Their trick to play possum, means to pretend death.

My son opened a chest drawer on our porch one day;
He thought he saw a skunk in it and quickly ran away.
He thought it’s a white streak on its back, he had seen;
So later he looked and it was gone, just like a dream.

Now he did take the drawer out for he was not afraid;
And down in the next drawer there a Possum laid.
It’s a real smart animal to figure out how to get in;
Soon it left and we don’t know if it was a her or a him.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.