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by Eugene R. Webb

We honor our Fathers for who they are;
Knowing our heavenly Father is their guiding star.
God knew just what he was doing when;
He made loving, caring Fathers out of men.

A real Father knows he can’t afford to make mistakes;
For he has so many important lives at stake.
Children are not something a Father owns;
They are a gift from God on loan.

Fathers want to teach their kids right from wrong;
Help them to stay healthy and strong.
A Father needs a loving, caring, guiding hand;
This is a very important part of the family plan.

Fathers every day are put through a test;
We must remember Fathers know best.
That’s why God put Fathers in charge;
Knowing that for anyone else, the job is too large.

A real Father is a God loving Christian man;
For his family, he’ll do everything he can.
He’ll not give you all you want, only what you need;
Teach you to be loving, caring, not filled with greed.

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