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by Eugene R. Webb

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I’ve found that good people never die;
Because they leave good
memories, is why.

For all friends and relations they never part;
Because of those memories that are in their heart.

I’ve heard say that God only takes the best;
He lets the devil  handle those who can’t pass the test.
We know God loves all his children, there’s no doubt;
Living on earth with a loving God is what life is about.

I know that we’re all here for a wonderful reason;
So we must wake up and enjoy each and every season.
We must be grateful for each day, just one at a time;
And remember our life starts with a God given mind.

If you like to lie, cheat and steal, clean up your act;
For this can get you in prison, it’s a well known fact.
Nobody ever died of old age, so I’ve often heard;
And I don’t believe that death is a dirty old word.

Death is so hard for the loved ones left to understand;
Yet for many who passed on, we know it’s God’s plan.
Others in prison and drunks don’t know God and Son.
For these are the people that the devil had on the run.

We realize that heaven is a great beautiful place;
Good people with a loving heart will have a space.
Keep in mind, there’s lots of things worst than death;
Pray Jesus is there when you breathe your last breath.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.