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Student Corner: Ptolemy’s Society

Ashley Lanuza, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Ashley Lanuza

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As a young child, I assumed that the black and white performance whales were all “Shamu.” It wasn’t until I was corrected in front of my sixth grade class that the creatures were called killer whales, and after watching the notorious documentary “Blackfish,” I understand that their lives were killer. In the sense of the word “killer,” I mean “it is killing them, painfully, terribly, and inhumanely.”
These types of films always trigger a thinking process. It makes you close your eyes and realize what this society is really doing, so by then, you finally understand why your uncle always screams about government conspiracy theories or why your college-grad cousin rolls her eyes at what she claims is a “blinded, consumerist society.” “Blackfish” hinted at the psychological implications caused by SeaWorld’s whale treatment (imagine if you were deprived of food and kept in a dark box where you can’t move, all because you can’t do a backflip- and then to top it all off, you’re physically abused by your coworkers… hello, mental breakdown!), but they also hinted at the corporation’s actions. Suited men and women who may not have even worked with these creatures were the big honchos calling the shots, separating families, giving the “aye-okay” for steel boxes and punishment. And why? Well, to keep the green stuff flowing from the consumerists, the public, us.
According to the “Blackfish” documentary, SeaWorld and associates disclosed either partial truths or flat-out lies when reporting to the public its seventy-plus whale-related deaths. It is all strategy to keep visitors coming to the park; it is all about the consumers. But guess what? Nicolaus Copernicus revealed that the world is heliocentric, and by now, we know he is undeniably correct about it. We’re not in the early ADs; this isn’t a Ptolemaic society of egocentrism. The world does not revolve around us.
In many educational communities, the sun’s heat is reminiscent of passion, of warmth, of love. Our lives revolve around love. Love for another, yes, but not love just for people. It is for creatures, the environment, everything and anything that either breaths or soaks water from the ground. Realizing this, we have to be humane and moral about what we do to this Earth and its other inhabitants. We have to treat and act with love, everything we do should be of love. For love, in the name of love, whatever you want to call it. We should be driven by a love for what matters most, and in the grand scheme of life, your love for a new Ferrari or Victorian Mansion in Bel-Air is far from what matters in this life. But your love for killer whales should drive you to believe in a humane treatment for them and that is what truly matters. It’s not all about you- sorry to break it so boldly. Our society is so selfish, but if we free tortured animals, we let visible our love for them and we liberate ourselves from our people-only ideologies. We become citizens of this Earth, no longer imperialists demanding their needs for those who cannot defend themselves. Do not revolve around our primitive world, revolve around love.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Student Corner: Ptolemy’s Society