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By Ashley Lanuza

Ashley Lanuza,contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

By Ashley Lanuza

A fun-filled Sunday picnic can sound like a horror maze on Halloween because of the screaming and ridiculous flailing of the arms. What is the cause of this reaction on outdoor get-togethers? Bees. These little critters are known for their buzzing, honey, and merciless stings. However, did you know that bees are fundamental to our lives, providing nearly everything we consume and enjoy? Besides the syrupy sugar we know as honey, bees are the primary reasons pollen moves from one flower to another, procreating fruits, vegetables, and clothing. Bees are necessary in our lives; however, their homes, and their numbers, are decimating.

Researchers, according to, call this phenomena “colony collapse disorder.” The cause may have stemmed from insecticides and fungicides found both in the pollen bees mainly interact with and surrounding aerosol chemicals. Such causes have killed almost ten million beehives, threatening our natural floral beauties and food consumption. How can we do our part to prevent this phenomenon? Well first of all, don’t go around killing all the bees that land on your glass of sweet tea this summer! Second, advises to make your home into a bee-friendly area by planting an abundance of flowers and plants or become a beekeeper yourself! For the latter, be sure to contact a local bee association to maintain and keep healthy bees. Finally, go to politics! Though life isn’t like the 2007 film Bee Movie, where you can bring your case to court, you can still write to senators and representatives to support funding for honeybee research. I know it might be easier to just swat the buzzes away, but we need these black-and-yellow creatures. Bees ultimately define the beauty of nature, consumption, health, and life.

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