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by Eugene R. Webb

Once again it’s the Easter Season;
And Jesus Christ is the real reason.
Easter Sunday is in honor of the resurrection of Christ;
To the Christians, Easter is a festival that is really nice.

Easter does not fall on the same date each year;
And with the love of Jesus we don’t have to live in fear.
Easter is the first Sunday after the full moon;
And the way time flies, it always comes too soon.

On Easter Sunday nobody wants to be left in the lurch;
You’ll probably even find your neighbor in church.
For we’re all sitting in our pew;
With outfits that are new.

Many symbols and customs are associated at Easter time;
Such as eggs and rabbits of all kinds.
Eggs are a symbol of life anew;
Rabbits are symbolic of abundant life too.

I want to make it quite clear;
That Easter Season is a beautiful time of the year.
And Easter is a very meaningful time for me;
For with the love of Jesus I feel I am free.

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