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Gumbo and Tigers

  • (Courtesy Photos by Dwain Crum)

• Dwain C. Crum •

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“Nawlins,” I’ve been there before both in 1988 and 2013.  This time I would be staying three nights.  All three nights I would be staying at the Bourbon Orleans Hotel in the famed French Quarter.
I’ve heard it said that the three most interesting cities in the United States are San Francisco, Boston and New Orleans.  While the larger cities of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago might want to have a say in that matter, there is no doubt that New Orleans has its own unique charm.
Food and music are two items that come to mind when thinking about New Orleans.  I was determined to savor both.  I ate at the Roux (located inside the Bourbon Orleans Hotel), the Gumbo Shop and the Court of the Two Sisters (established in 1832).  Good food in New Orleans is not cheap, but well worth it.  At the Gumbo Shop (where I ate twice), a Complete Creole Dinner cost $24.99, while my Jazz Brunch at the Court of the Two Sisters cost $29.00.  Neither experience should be missed while visiting the French Quarter.
Since I love sports, I spent a day at the races at the Fair Grounds.  The Fair Grounds is the host to the Louisiana Derby every year.  It is the second oldest racetrack in the United States.  I also took time to visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  Baton Rouge is the home of the LSU Tigers.  They were playing a basketball game that day against Auburn.  Tigers versus Tigers.
The hometown Tigers won the match much to the delight of the LSU fans.
Trips never work out the way that you plan.  You have to roll with the punches.  I failed to eat at Antoine’s (not there at the right hours) or have a Banana Foster at Brennan’s (it’s closed) and for the second straight year I failed to take a ride on the Steamboat Natchez (she’s in dry dock).
Still, I greatly enjoyed my stay in Louisiana prior to renting a car at Avis and heading to Florida and Port Everglades.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Gumbo and Tigers