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I often think of the good old days of long ago;
When I was going to school in Twin Falls, Idaho.
Now I can tell you what really makes me sore;
That each day goes faster than the one before.

We’re planning to go back to Twin Falls in July;
To join with our classmates in the Over Fifty Alumni.
My wonderful wife, Aileen, & I were in the same class;
We’ve been married sixty-five years, hope it’ll last.

Years ago we would always like to get out and roam;
Now we just like going to what we call, “back home”.
As it’s something that we both look forward too;
Family and friends mean a lot, now there’s only a few.

When I think of those good old days that’s gone by;
I notice sometimes a tear will drop from my eye.
I worked as a Bellhop in the Rogerson Hotel for years;
At eighteen I joined the Marine Corp, with a few fears.

Time waits for nobody, it passes all of us by;
Just like a flock of birds flying in the sky.
My wife and I are grateful for each and every day;
Many people go to work, while it’s cards I like to play.

We all have days that are as special as can be;
Just as fast as they come, they will quickly flee.
What I have found is the older we get, faster time flies;
And the thing I don’t understand is why, why, why?

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.