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by Eugene R. Webb

The Third Monday in February is President’s Day;
It’s an Annual Event that is another American Holiday.
It was officially called “Washington’s Birthday”.
And was celebrated February 22nd, George’s Special Day.

I found it was originally established in the Year 1885;
Back when our Great Great Grandparents were alive.
I can tell you that this is a well known fact;
It became part of 1971’s Uniform Monday Holiday Act.

So Union Workers could have a three-day weekend;
Making it a good time to be with family and friends.
President’s Day takes care of all Presidents, at last;
For it now combines all of them, present and past.

Born in Feb. four presidents in the White House did sit;
Washington, Lincoln, Harrison and Reagan were it.
And on none of the Presidents’ Birthdays does it fall;
It will always be the Third Monday in February for all.

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