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Eugene R. Webb

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With my Valentine we don’t always agree;
But she sure means the world to me.
We’ve been married for over 65 Years;
We’ve had a lot of fun, laughter, and a few tears.

Our life is a bowl of cherries with pits along the way;
We’ve stuck together like glue, loving more each day.
It was way back in Junior High that we first met;
I know for me there has never been any regret.

I should tell you I am a human and not a toad;
Therefore, everyone knows there’s bumps in the road.
But my Valentine is very thoughtful, loving, and kind;
Not only to me, but always has others on her mind.

When I first noticed her, it was the red hair I did see;
And I found her to be a people person, just like me.
I appreciate my wonderful wife like no other;
She’s my friend as well as an excellent mother.
We both count our blessings that money can’t buy;
Loving life, God, and family is for us a big high.
We’re happy living in the golden age, one day at a time;
Looking forward to a good dinner with my Valentine.

I’m so grateful that cupid shot his arrow in my heart;
And that Aileen and I took the vow to never part.
I love my wife more today that even yesterday;
We’ll be together until the man above has his way.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.