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by Eugene R. Webb

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Here’s a few suggestions to live by;
They may not be easy, but give it a try.
You may be happier than you’ve been before;
And never know who’ll be knocking at your door.
We all have the right to be wrong now and then;
But not make the same mistakes over and over again.
Please keep in your mind that there really is no other;
That can and will love you like your loving Mother.
Positive thinking is always the very best way to go;
At least I have found it to be so.
It’s okay to have several irons in the fire;
Just be honest and never be a liar.
I can tell you what’s more than just a guess;
Don’t discuss money with those who have more or less.
When your talking to people don’t ever shout;
Just give them the benefit of the doubt.
I believe in always going the extra mile;
And the best way to do it is to wear a big smile.
It’s good to know when to be quiet or speak out;
Making choices is what life is all about.
Think twice when you make a plan to invest;
High prices does not mean that is the best.
There’s times that we want to push our luck;
But it usually will cost us more than a buck.
No one ever told us that life would be fair;
But we’re the ones who need to be ready to share.
Some people feel playing cards is a waste of time;
It think it’s a great way to exercise the mind.
Keep it simple in whatever you choose to do;
In life it makes it a lot easier to get through.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.