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Student’s Corner: Self Society

Ashley Lanuza, contributing student writer from San Gabriel Mission High School.

by Ashley Lanuza

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Human nature can be, in its rawest form, selfish. Our self-centered tendencies, to think for only ourselves and our own company, are prevalent throughout history and our current environment. In the eighteenth century, Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, may have arguably been a selfish woman. She spent extravagant amounts of money on her infamous dresses, while the country of France suffered in poverty and lack of simple foods, such as bread. Selfishness is also prevalent in our American society. Often, you see people walking without a second thought of those around them, shoving and pushing other people. Other times, you, or someone you’ve seen, is struggling, and yet no one gives a helping or caring hand.
What is society, but a community of people? A community needs each other for true support, strength, and possibility to thrive. Our society is nothing without other people. As we become more self drawn because of distractions such as phones and media, we become less of a society. We become a group of people, eyes glued to anything but each other. Where is our support system if we don’t give a hand, a smile, an acknowledgement? As we barrel into this New Year, I hope that there is one resolution you will keep in mind: to make society a true community. It should be your personal mission to help those who need help, whether a stranger, friend, or foe. Our challenge, every single day, is to disrupt the cycle of a selfish society, and to give ourselves up for each other, for the community that we need to truly live.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Student’s Corner: Self Society