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by Eugene R. Webb

It’s amazing what hugs can do;
They can say, “I love you.”
Or “I’m glad to see you my friend;
Where in the world have you been?”

Hugs are certainly worthwhile;
For they often bring on a smile.
It’s also a friendly thing to do;
And it’ll make you feel good too.

So hug a person if you dare;
Let them know that you care.
It’s a good way to say goodbye;
It can even make a person cry.

Hugging a person is a good thing to do;
Especially if they are feeling blue.
For a hug is truly an unselfish gift;
Giving someone a great big lift.

A language barrier it will break;
And someone’s day it can make.
A hug can ease a person’s mind;
And they can be given any old time.

So at a person’s heart you can tug;
If you’ll take the time to give a hug.
Make a person feel everything is okay;
Just reach out and hug someone today.

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