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Eugene R. Webb

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Christmas is a wonderful annual event;
It’s a good time to be grateful and repent.
For it’s a special time to honor Jesus’s birth;
And for us to reflect, why we are here on earth.

Many things we do at Christmas without any fear;
We should be doing throughout the entire year.
Everyday we need to love Jesus for he’s our guide;
And our feelings for him, we should never hide.

Santa Claus only appears at Christmas each year;
And just as quickly, Santa will disappear.
But through Santa, we’ve learned the joy of giving;
Which I truthfully feel is the secret to living.

We certainly don’t need all the material things;
Just giving love and sharing is what happiness brings.
To all of God’s children, let’s us be considerate and kind;
While holding fast the love of Jesus in our mind.

So everyday let’s help people and love each other;
Regardless of their faith, race or their color.
All of God’s children are our sisters and brothers;
With unconditional love we can love one another.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.