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by Joe Castillo

by Joe Castillo

Year In Review …. 2013 marked the 100th Birthday of the City of San Gabriel. There were numerous events which honored the momentous occasion but none was more popular than the City’s’ first entry in the Rose Parade in over 40 years. A beautifully designed float depicting the history and Spanish culture of the city won the Director’s Trophy which is awarded based on the size of the float and its use of flowers. The float included riders such as the Pastor of San Gabriel Mission, Bruce Wellems, Gabrieleno representatives, Spanish dancers and the Mayor of San Gabriel Kevin Sawkins. In front of hundreds of thousands of spectators and millions more on television, the float successfully promoted the rich history of San Gabriel and was well worth the long wait and absence from the Rose Parade. The second story would have to be the election of two Chinese Americans to San Gabriel’s City Council. Jason Pu and Chin Ho Lao won election after successfully defeating two long-time incumbents and signaling a new change in San Gabriel politics. Look for a majority of council, if not all members to be of Asian descent in the upcoming years in a city with over 60% of the population now of Asian ancestry. The Alameda-Corridor Trench Grade Separation project got underway with traffic being forced to be re-routed along major railroad crossings at Mission Road, Del Mar Avenue, San Gabriel Boulevard and Walnut Grove Avenue. The project will continue through 2017 so look for a lot more of the same in the next coming years. Also, it didn’t look like a whole lot of progress on the number one nemesis in the city, the dangerous and underrated pothole. For the second year in a row, the city and most of Southern California experienced a below average rain season. To date, only .86 inches of rain have fallen in the Los Angeles area since July, nearly an inch and a half below normal. Without rain, potholes cannot grow. If they cannot grow, there is no need to fix them before they become bigger. San Gabriel may have found the perfect solution to its ongoing pothole problem by not allowing it to rain the City of Potholes. In the City of Rosemead, Margaret Clark, Sandra Armenta and Steven Ly, all incumbents, were returned to City Council for four more years. Also, the city kept its development plan in check with well-planned and though-out small retail centers and new restaurants at the Montebello Mall, Rosemead Square and along Valley Boulevard. It was a good year of both cities on 2013, let’s move to 2014 with the same positive outlook….

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