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by Eugene R. Webb

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In the eighth grade is where we first came face to face;

Twin Falls High School in Idaho is where it took place.

This girl had the prettiest red hair I had ever seen;

she stood out like a rose, had an unusual name, Aileen.

With a full-time job as a Bellhop, had no time to play;

We remained friends that just went our separate way.

I came home after spending two-years in the Marines;

Then I called and dated the red head named Aileen.

Were together from April to June and got engaged;

She was 19 & I was 20, my Mother signed, I was under age.

We got married in L.A. on Thanksgiving Day, Nov. 25, 1948;

It may be hard for you to believe, but Aileen was late.

Sixty-five Years doesn’t sound long when you say it fast;

We’re so grateful that we’ve been able to make it last.

Lots of patience, love and help from the man up above;

We made it through as it’s each other that we think of.

We’ve been blest to have such a great family tree;

Each one of them means the world to Aileen and me.

Three children, Gail, Kirk, and Jill that makes us happy;

Five grandchildren, April, Wendi, Jared, Noelle & Ashley.

Eight great grandchildren are loveable at any age;

Jordan, Cole, Chase, Alyssa, Owen, Ethan, Lucy & Paige.

It’s real easy to see that we have a lot to treasure;

Loving life and our family gives us a lot of pleasure.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.