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by Joe Castillo

Savannah Cemetery Fundraiser …. Historic Savannah Memorial Cemetery is in need of much needed funds. It’s gotten so bad that the cemetery turned off its water and stopped its maintenance in order to save a few dollars. These measures will only temporarily save Savannah but more is needed for the long-term. Currently, Savannah is trying to raise funds for its on-going operations so perhaps you can help the cemetery. … In the early 1850’s pioneers joined wagon trains that were headed west from Independence, Missouri. At the conclusion of their arduous journey, finally having reached the end of the Santa Fe Trail, they settled in what is now El Monte and Rosemead. Builders of the area’s early schools, churches and businesses, those intrepid souls became some of our first civic, county and state leaders. Many were buried with their loved ones at the Savannah Memorial Park where some of the earliest graves date back to 1853…. To walk through the grounds and read the names of the pioneers on the headstones is to relive the beginnings of the San Gabriel Valley. This little piece of ground has a very vivid history and is in need of critical support to preserve and continue its beautiful, rich legacy. Our website, has much more information about the fascinating story of the early pioneers and the cemetery. … Providing regular grounds keeping functions such as mowing the grass, trimming the trees and maintaining the fencing continues to be financially challenging. We have also recently learned that our water rates will soon be increasing, making it even more difficult to adequately irrigate the grounds. One day we would like to be in a position to add more drought tolerant plants to cut down on water usage. But all of this takes money…. A long-time Savannah benefactor and local business, the M.C. Gill Corporation has made a most generous offer and presented us with a tremendous opportunity. Until the end of this year, Stephen Gill, CEO and the M.C. Gill Corporation will match the donations we receive on a $.50 to $1.00 basis, up to $10,000. This means that if we are able to secure $20,000 in contributions, the challenge will generate $30,000 of critically needed funding for this regional gem…. Savannah Memorial Park, recently designated California Historical Landmark #1046, receives no outside support and is fully dependent on raising its own funds. Please join us by making a fully deductible donation, before December 31, to help preserve one of this region’s historical treasures. Please send your generous donations to El Monte Cemetery Association, PO Box 4247, El Monte, CA 91734. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration…..

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