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Eugene R. Webb

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In this old world there’s a lot of things that’s sad;
A higher power is what most people have never had.
The good old U.S.A. was founded on In God We Trust.
In our entire family, God and his son is a real must.

Now perfect, that certainly is not any of our family;
But I know that we are all better than we used to be.
I can’t talk for everyone, but they do make me proud;
We all enjoy speaking our mind and sometimes loud.

So many people won’t go to church for even an hour;
For they don’t believe or know what’s a higher power.
Some people that are mentally sick are the last to know;
They think they are in control, it’s the devil’s show.

There are some things that we don’t need to understand;
Just believe in God and his son, and be their biggest fan.
Let’s remember, God is the real Father to one and all;
His sons & daughters, no grandchildren that I recall.

If you want to forget all things that brings the blues;
Then I suggest you wear an extra tight pair of shoes.
But on people’s faces I do like to see a great big smile;
For I do believe it helps to make my life worthwhile.

You’re the only person that can actually change you;
For it’s a job that nobody else can ever possibly do.
Not even God can make the change, unless you ask him;
You’ll love life, so open your heart and he’ll come in.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.