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by Joe Castillo

by Joe Castillo

Rest in Peace?  ….
Savannah Memorial Cemetery in Rosemead has gone brown. After having its back-out value vandalized in August, the Cemetery has elected to turn off its water thereby saving the cost of water and maintenance. And now nearly 3 months later, the historic cemetery is showing the effects of its own forced drought. The pioneer cemetery was recognized as a California Historic Landmark in 2012, but today it looks more like it did in the late 1800’s. California is experiencing one of the worst droughts in its history. A dry spring turned into a drier summer and now the entire state is in the throes of a major drought. No rain is in the forecast for November, and who know what December will bring. Whereas, it’s true that we can’t predict the weather or even when it will rain, water conservation needs to be practiced by residents, commercial businesses and municipalities. But to turn off all water sources before other means of conservation have been attempted, is the first hint of panic. A cemetery is the final resting place for those buried on its premises. It is a place where one would want to spend one’s eternal life, a place where family and friends can come and pay their final respects, pray silently and reminisce undistracted. It should be a solemn place, a place of thoughts and private moments. But when a cemetery looks as dead as those who are interred within, then the whole purpose of the cemetery is defeated. If you are concerned about the future of Savannah, contact the cemetery and ask about the brown grass. A general meeting will be held on January 11, 2014 at 10:00AM, so if you are interested in finding out what’s happening, plan on attending the meeting and speaking your thoughts or calling (626) 287-4838 for more information. The cemetery belongs to you; its future is in your hands….. San Gabriel Infrastructure …. New improvements to the San Gabriel infrastructure are set to take place in 2014. One of the biggest improvements is the intersection of San Gabriel Boulevard and Mission Road. For years this intersection was an accident ready to happen. With no dedicated turn lights on either Mission or San Gabriel Boulevard, poor lighting and increased traffic volume, the increased risk in traffic accidents was always on the brink of acceleration.  Now improvements will be made to add a right turn lane from eastbound Mission Road to southbound San Gabriel. Dedicated left turn lanes will be added to provide a safer turn for drivers and improve traffic flow. The project is expected to be completed in the spring of 2014. Even though it’s a small project, I guess the City Without a Plan could possibly be called the City with a Small Plan….

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