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Kiwanis Honors Emperor Elementary School Students Sydney Taylor, Mercy Deng and Andrew Avila

by Jerry Jambazian

Temple City

The Kiwanis Club of Temple City recognized three outstanding students from Emperor Elementary School. Accompanying the students were Emperor teacher Mary Ann Parrille.
Sydney is 11 years old and in Miss Parrille’s class.  She has a younger brother and enjoys dancing, violin, sleepovers, reading Percy Jackson books, kittens, writing, and Pandas.  Sydney said, “The best things about Emperor are creating memories, the good teachers, and making good freinds.”  The best thing that ever happened was getting her cat Percy. Personal goals are to build a treehouse, be a good dancer, read lots of books, and always be a good friend.
Mercy is 11 years old and in Mrs. Scanlan’s class.  She has a brother and sister and enjoys swimming, reading, learning new things, minecraft, piano and violin, legos, knitting, sewing, and running.  Mercy said, “The best things about Emperor are making new friends, teaching and being a mentor to first graders, and doing projects.”  The best thing that ever happened was being baptized at her church. Personal goals are to build a lego factory, do her best in school even if she does not get straight A’s, improver her reading comprehension skills, and become a better writer.
Andrew is 12 years old and in Mr. Giangregorio’s class.  He enjoys drawing, building and painting models, football and baseball, scouting, and music.  Andrew said, “The best things about Emperor are the amazing teachers, the wonderful Principal, the fun assemblies, parties, and activities, and the character building qualities.”  The best thing that ever happened was wining 3rd place in the Coastal America Ocean Art Contest. He also met President George Bush, Sylvia Earle, and Jim Toomey in Washington DC. Personal goals are to build an eco-friendly park for Temple City that contained an aquarium, a nature center, and pond. Also he would like to make his time at Emperor last longer, get a scholarship to a good college, travel the world, become a better artist, and make a animated film.
Each week the Temple City Kiwanis Club is pleased to recognize outstanding students and their teachers from Cloverly, Emperor, Longden, Oak Avenue, and the Dr. Doug Sears Learning Center.  Kiwanis treats students and their teacher to lunch.  Students receive a certificate, a letter for their parents, a bumper sticker, a gift certificate from The Hat Restaurant, and a photograph of them receiving their award.  Their photo will also be published in Temple City Life, Mid Valley News, Temple City Tribune, and displayed in the Temple City Unified School District lobby.
Temple City Kiwanis has been serving our community since 1939.  Members are dedicated men and women who desire to make a difference in the quality of life for the youth of Temple City.  Kiwanis meets at 12:00 noon each Tuesday at Denny’s Restaurant.  To find out more about Kiwanis, please contact Jerry Jambazian at (626) 643-9460.  You can also visit their website at

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