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by Eugene R. Webb

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A good reputation is something to have and hold;

Believe me it is much better than silver or gold.

Most of us find about others it’s real easy to criticize;

We should look at ourselves, for we know it’s not wise.

It it’s our reputation that we truly want to keep;

Then we all should stop and think before we speak.

Also we should do what we know is right, not wrong;

This takes a person who is willing to stay real strong.

Anything worthwhile, there’s always a price to pay;

Most of us like to have everything our very own way.

Two heads are usually a lot better than just one;

For I think it’s a great way to get anything done.

If you have a business and want to keep it strong;

Then you must remember, the customer is never wrong.

Life is not a business, but a wonderful way of living;

A lot of patience, love, self-sacrifice and forgiving.

We in America have a lot of people of every race;

I don’t believe we here could be in any better place.

It’s hard to believe there’s people filled with hate;

They do exist but no living, as they don’t have faith.

People who stand for nothing will fall for anything;

I’ve heard tell, and a lot of heartbreak it does bring.

In our lives we should stop and take time to look back;

To make real sure we’re running on the right track.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.