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by Eugene R. Webb

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When you get to November you’re over the hump;

For all of November is gratitude month.

However, I would like to make it quite clear;

It helps if you’re truly grateful throughout the year.

But if you’re not loving, considerate, and kind;

Then Jesus is not upper most in your mind.

And if you’re not grateful for what you’ve got;

Then a Christian you certainly are not.

You may have the devil living within you;

Then it’s hard for God or anyone to get through.

I think any day above ground is a good one;

And in work and play you can have a lot of fun.

If you’re not having fun, it’s your own fault;

Maybe a bad attitude and habits you should halt.

Don’t wait for the national holiday we all remember;

That we observe on the Fourth Thursday of November.

For if you truly have love and God in your heart;

You won’t have to wait for the day we set apart.

Thank God always for living in the good old U.S.A.;

And don’t be thankful only on Thanksgiving Day.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.