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by Eugene R. Webb

Here are some things we all could think about;

Hopefully, it will help some of us, without a doubt.

It would be a better world if we all showed love;

And it was other people that we thought of.

Believe me, I do know the real secret to living;

I have found it while showing love, by giving.

Give generously and later your gift you’ll receive;

For this is something I hope everyone will believe.

Christians have in their life a grateful treasure;

Therefore, they find that life is certainly a pleasure.

I know when you’ve changed your thoughts around;

Then it’s a whole new world that you’ve found.

Eat, drink and be healthy without drugs of any kind;

You’ll not only be happy, you will have a great time.

Take time to forgive, then you will be forgiven;

Then the best part is making your life worth liven.

When a neighbor loses his job it’s called a recession;

But if you should lose yours then it’s a depression.

Some of us may never ever receive a golden star;

But what’s really important is knowing who you are.

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