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by Eugene R. Webb

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This is truly a proven well known fact;

If you are loving life, it will love you back.

Happiness and fun is doing what you know is right;

And oh how much better you’ll sleep at night.

Life is a bowl of cherries, I have heard them say;

However, I know there are a few pits along the way.

But I’ve found that life is really a great big stage;

A whole lot of unusual actors all at a different age.

Angry is one thing you can put off until tomorrow;

Therefore, there will not be any reason for sorrow.

For the mind to work it must be opened like the eyes;

I don’t believe this is something most people realize.

A flexible person should never be bent out of shape;

There’s some words we don’t need to use, such as hate.

Be kind to people, as most of us are fighting to survive;

And I think we all should be grateful that we’re alive.

Don’t take life so serious, and there is no need to fret;

Be caring of others and the small things don’t sweat.

Stick with the greats, for they’ll make you feel good;

Life is so much better when you do what you should.

Don’t waste your life, be sure to go the extra mile;

You’ll be so happy, you’ll be wearing a big smile.

If you’re not happy and having fun, it’s your fault;

                                       For there’s a lot of negative things you must halt.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.