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by Joe Castillo

by Joe Castillo

Worst Roads  ….

   In a nationwide survey by TRIP, a non-profit transportation analysis group, the Los Angeles-Santa Ana-Long Beach area was rated No. 1 in the nation with the most deteriorated roads. The rating was based on a survey of city roads with potholes, rough pavements, utility cuts and other types of cracks. According to the survey, 64% of Los Angeles basin roads are in disrepair and costs the average driver more than $800 a year in repairs.  Nationwide, the average cost of repairs is only $377 annually but in the L.A. area the cost is more than double especially for maintenance and tire repairs resulting in a faster depreciation of your vehicle.  Additionally, Los Angeles city officials are saying there is a $3 billion, 60 year backlog of repairs which has more than doubled since 2005 and is expected to double again in the next decade. I’m not sure if individual cities were included in the survey but I’ve got to think that the City of San Gabriel would be at the top of San Gabriel Valley cities for worst roads, especially potholes. As a life-long resident of San Gabriel, it seems that the roads are pretty much in the same condition as they were back in the ‘70s. Through city neglect of its infrastructure, a huge backlog has been created for street maintenance and repairs which continues to increase year by year. Instead of establishing a strategic short and long plan to maintain city roads, the city is focused on adding more commercial growth along the Valley Boulevard, San Gabriel Boulevard and Las Tunas Drive corridors. Choosing to expand rather than build and maintain what you have does not set a good example of management and planning. It’s just another instance of questionable leadership by San Gabriel city council members and city administrators in a City Without a Plan.….. The Sounds of San Gabriel ….. The San Gabriel Mission will commemorate the City’s Centennial with a concert on Saturday October 12th presenting a history of music in San Gabriel. The concert will be held at San Gabriel Mission High School and will be a historical overview of artists and music with roots in San Gabriel. Gates open at 4:30 and the concert will begin at 5PM. Stories of Vicki Carr and Kenny Loggins will be told along with live performance by The Storytellers, The Premiers, Mickey Lespron and Jerry Salas (El Chicano), John Avila and Johnny Hernandez (Oingo Boingo), The Delgado Brothers, Danny Diaz and more. Learn about the Funeraria, the Del Mar record shop and the Arbor Hall. Tickets are on sale at the Mission Gift Shop at a cost of $20, and are available online at Come on out and hear and enjoy the sounds of San Gabriel. It’ll be an evening you’ll truly enjoy….

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