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by Eugene R. Webb

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With 13 Points or more, open the bid;

Usually you’ll be glad you did.

Now pick the suit that is stronger;

Bid one with five cards or longer.

With a four card major, one club is best;

Knowing the rules, you won’t have to guess.

With sixteen to eighteen points, one no trump is ok;

With twenty-two points, two is what you say.

Now the opponent opens, which means trouble;

If my partner has an open bid, then he’ll double.

But if he doesn’t and has cards that are mixed;

Then he must pass with less points than six.

But if my partner’s count is six points to ten;

Then he can bid once but never again.

Now if he has eleven to twelve points, that’s nice;

For now he can bid not only once but twice.

If my partner has thirteen points, he’ll make game;

We must remember there’s no two hands the same.

Keep in mind it’s game that you’re going for;

With a major (heart or spade) the count is four.

Sometimes it’s good to keep the bidding alive;

For a minor (club or diamonds) the count is five.

But no trump (highest) is heavenly;

And you only need to bid to three.

Also note that the bidders are winners, so they say;

But I can tell you I haven’t always found it that way.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.