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‘Time Jockey’: El Monte Museum

by Joe Castillo

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  I would like to introduce a fellow writer from San Gabriel, James Aguirre, who has written a distinctive book on American history through his Native American eyes. James was kind enough to write me and provide some background on the why he wrote the book and what it has to offer its readers. In the author’s own words, here is a synopsis of ‘Through Native Eyes (Talking Leaves)’…. ‘My name is James David Aguirre (Warrior With A Pen), I was born in the city of San Gabriel, CA, in 1966.  My heritage includes five different ethnic groups which are:  Native American Indian, German, Irish, Spanish and Mexican.  I am very proud of my family history and very fortunate to know who I am and where I come from.  I was inspired to write this book because I had a personal “Vision” to write about American History from the “Indian” point of view.  The only way that I can describe this personal “Vision” about American History from the “Indian” point of view, is to call this experience my “Spiritual Awakening.”  I have decided to rewrite American History from another perspective which is from the “Indian” point of view, “Through Native Eyes.” This personal spiritual journey back in time, has allowed me to discover who I really am, and who I really want to be.  I discovered that I am free to be who I want to be, and free to think the way I want to think.  I hope that I can inspire other individuals of any race, color or creed, to dare to dream and become a “Warrior With A Pen,” free to write about American History from another perspective which is from their own point of view.  The Native American Indian People finally deserve the same respect and dignity that was guaranteed to all men and women who live in the United States of America, because we are the first Americans and the original “Founding Fathers” of this great Indian Nation in the land of the free and the home of the brave. Each chapter has a different subject matter consisting of different stereotypes, racism and prejudice about Native American Indians.  The subject matter is very interesting and eye-opening for any individuals who do not know about the struggle and plight of the Indian People.  This is the honest truth about the American History that is not taught to our children in our educational institutions. The Native American Indian story must be told from their perspective and from their “Indian” point of view, so that future generations will not continue to mistreat the Indian People as “Strangers In A Stolen Land” in the land of the free and the home of the brave in the United States of America’…. The book sells for $25 and will be presented, along with James, at the Duarte Festival of Books, in Duarte, on October 5. If you would like to contact the author, his email is…

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