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by Eugene R. Webb

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Getting Old

Growing old you’d think are the days of glory;

We can bend over, but getting up is another story.

Getting old never makes a person glad;

Talking about the health problems they’ve had.

Everybody likes saving money in any amount;

Real old, when not asked, just given a senior discount.

Getting lucky means finding your car in a parking lot;

Yet we must be grateful for everything we have got.

You’re really old when you get winded playing cards;

And it’s a real trip just to stroll around in the yards.

It takes two or more tries to get up and out of bed;

Then for three or four minutes I just scratch my head.

I don’t know if I’m leaving the room or just coming in;

And I can tell you growing old there is no way to win.

A pacemaker makes a garage door go up and down;

And old timer is lucky if they can keep hanging around.

People born after 1928 have no idea what I am saying;

They think that it’s a joke and that I’m just playing.

It’s hard to believe that an old timer can live so long;

When we have so many things that can go wrong.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.