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By Eugene R. Webb

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We’re all looking for a lot of love;

That’s what a real family is full of.

The word “Family” should give us a clue;

It does say, “Father and Mother I Love You”.

Look how each letter spelled like no other;

F stands for Father, A for And, M for Mother,

I for I, L for Love, and Y for You.

But there’s a lot more what a family can do.

A family consists of a loving Father and Mother;

Showing their children the love for one another.

A mutual admiration with feelings deep and strong;

Making each person feel that they really do belong.

All families are what makes the world go round;

At least that is what most people have found.

A family lives in a house that’s a home they share;

With joy, love, hope, sorrow and dreams living there.

It can be a wonderful place for an entire lifetime;

If they keep good thoughts of each person in mind.

It’s not often that a beautiful family will stray;

If together the family have taken the time to play.

A real family is a very important part of living;

Thinking of others while sharing and giving.

So having a wonderful family makes life great;

And it works so much better when you keep the faith.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.