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By Jerry Jambazian

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I attended the grand opening of Kohl’s in San Gabriel a few years ago. It was a huge event even bringing out Supervisor Antonovich for the ribbon cutting ceremonies. We have a charge account with Kohl’s and never noticed it but when you get your statement it says “Kohl’s Arcadia”. The store is in the County unincorporated area of San Gabriel near Huntington Drive and Rosemead Blvd. I can only guess that the store would have better perception having a city designated with it that has some clout. I assume they did not want to use San Gabriel, the city with crumbling infrastructure, or Chapman Woods, the offshoot of snooty Pasadena who did not want the store so close to them.

Construction along Rosemead Blvd is going well entering its seventh month, in fact ahead of schedule. Have you seen the beautiful curbs, plantings, trees, and streetlights? The public art is being looked at now as a part of the beautification. The improvements will be great but to include art components will be a welcome addition. I think it is so appropriate that now Mayor Pro-Tem Carl Blum will be Mayor when the project is complete and dedicated next summer. He has the credentials for this major project having retired from LA County Public Works. He has tirelessly worked to insure the project would be completed on time with minimal inconvenience to motorist, residents, and businesses.

Just in time for the back-to-school season, Citizen’s Academy returns on October 5 to engage a new class of civic-minded leaders. The seven-course program was launched last year to promote citizen education and better familiarize community members to City Hall functions, operations and services. Each session is an interactive discussion led by top staff on topics ranging from City finances and planning, to parks and recreation and economic development.

Last year’s class included 23 graduates of which I was one, four of which now serve as City commissioners. “You have to start developing people, knowledge and skills—otherwise if people get elected or get appointed to commissions, they spend their first year learning rather than contributing,” said Mayor Pro Tem Carl Blum. Program applications become available in September, are due Sept. 27, with classes beginning Oct. 5. To add your name to the interest list, email

The City is in final discussions with Columbia Pictures to use Temple City as a backdrop and scene location for Kitchen Sink, a zombie-vampire film slated for release in 2014. Staff is meeting with Columbia Pictures reps to finalize film permit details including filming hours, street closures, and potential public safety concerns.

Speaking of kitchen sink, have you seen the big sinkhole at the Gateway Project? They have been removing tons of dirt and digging a deep hole. I have surmised they are digging a graveyard for all the antique trucks and equipment on site. If my memory serves me Mr. Wang was to report to the Council in February of 2012 a list of the major tenants. We are still waiting!

I am happy to announce my new website dedicated to everything Temple City. It captures the spirit and community of a great city. Check it out at: to see recent photo and video events. You can also like us on Facebook. I would welcome your comments at

See you soon…

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.