News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.


By Eugene R. Webb


My friend Kenny was just standing in a R.V. Park;

He was on vacation and happy as a lark.

Now Kenny was just looking around;

When he spied a dog walking on the ground.

Then the dog peed on his custom made shoe;

Poor old Kenny didn’t know what to do.

Three days later on a ship coming from Mexico;

Some dog came sniffing his shoe & wouldn’t go.

Some men came over and said “come with us”;

Boy did they make a real big fuss.

They took Kenny to a little room;

There they lowered the boom.

They thought he had drugs in his shoe;

Because it was built-up an inch or two.

Kenny kept yelling, “Don’t tear my shoe apart”;

As up in his throat went his heart.

Now he knew these men weren’t playing a game;

And he thought he’d never be the same.

For they searched him from head-to-toe;

Kenny wondered if they’d ever let him go.

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