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By Eugene R. Webb

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Mother duck took her seven babies for a swim;

So in the pool is when the mayhem did begin.

Mother and babies swam around and all about;

Everything was just fine until they wanted out.

Then, of course, the mother could jump up high;

But all the little babies could do was try and cry.

The mother went in to show the babies another spot;

They’d follow, she’d get out, then they’d jump a lot.

So finally back into the pool the mother would go;

Babies couldn’t get out for the water was too low.

The whole situation on us all became a strain;

So afraid the babies would be sucked into the drain.

For the mother duck got scared and flew away;

She didn’t come back until the light of day.

My daughter Gail, put a towel on deck into the pool;

Seeing those babies walk up the towel was really cool.

Watching the mother jump in and out of the pool;

And seeing her seven babies jumping was so cruel.

In fact, we felt so helpless, it was a sad sight to see;

But we finally saw them walk away as a happy family

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.