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by Joe Castillo

By Joe Castillo

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San Gabriel Trench Project  ….

The Alameda Corridor – East Construction Authority has begun major construction in the San Gabriel Trench Grade Separation project. The project will lower the Union Pacific railroad tracks for 1.4 miles as it passes through San Gabriel. The section will be lowered to a depth of 30-feet with a 65-feet wide trench. Bridges will be constructed at Ramona Avenue, Del Mar Avenue, San Gabriel Boulevard and Walnut Grove Avenue. Pedestrians and cars will be able to use the bridges to commute over the tracks. The first phase of the construction was the relocation of underground utility lines which began in 2012 and will continue through 2013. The relocation caused temporary closures in all the major avenues with Walnut Grove closed from late July through mid-August. After the Walnut Grove work, construction will begin on a railroad shoofly starting in Winter 2013. A shoofly is an alternate railroad track line which allows a detour off the main railroad line so that the trench can be constructed while the Union Pacific trains continue down the line. Most of the construction will be performed on the weekdays 7AM to 4PM with some night work expected. Each of the main roads is expected to the closed at some time over the next couple of years. No two adjacent streets will be closed at the same time. Ramona Avenue will only be closed during the summer months and San Gabriel Boulevard will have one lane open each way at all times. There are four phases of construction associated with the project. Phase I is the relocation of utility lines, Phase II is the shoofly construction, Phase III starts the bridge construction and Phase IV begins the trench construction. From the Winter 2012 through Winter 2014, utility relocation will continue to take place. This phase focused on archaeological excavation, utility relocation and infrastructure upgrades. In addition, there will be ongoing improvements and upgrades to the existing storm drain and sewer lines that will improve drainage in various locations. Currently, upgrades are taking place just north of the railroad tracks adjacent to San Gabriel Boulevard.  The San Gabriel Trench Project is expected to be completed in the Winter of 2017…. Jeff’s Sporting Goods…. Longtime sporting goods store Jeff’s will be moving from its location on Valley Boulevard in San Gabriel to the old Goody’s Restaurant location in northern San Gabriel. Jeff’s has been a San Gabriel stalwart for the last 40 plus years and will be moving its operations a short 1 mile north to a new and upgraded building. The old building is in the process of being sold and will be used as part of the retail business along Valley Boulevard.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
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