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Joe Castillo

All-American Parade  ….   The Rosemead City 4th of July Parade was a fantastic display of American culture and spirit. The parade featured an assortment of entries including Aztec dancers, Mariachi Bands, Asian Art dancing groups, lady roller bladers, antique cars, motorcycle groups, show cars, and antique bicycles. Also local youth and service groups like Boy Scout Troop #594, cub scouts, the Star Wars Touring group, Military re-enactors, Chapter 506 of the Star Touring and Riding Motorcycle Group, and the All-Star Band marched in the parade.  There were over 70 entries in the parade which moved down Valley Boulevard between Muscatel and Loma Avenue before proceeding up to Rosemead Park. I had the pleasure of riding in a 1916 Model T Ford owned by Larry Haney of San Gabriel. The Model T has been in Larry’s family since 1954 when his uncle recalled an abandoned shell of the 1916 model near the Cajon Pass, and then went and recovered it. It took quite a bit of work to restore the vehicle which ceased to be made starting in 1927. The seats were re-made at Harrah’s Museum in Reno which specialized in antique car restorations. Larry estimated that the car has been in over 100 parades since the 1970’s and the last one was the Sierra Madre Parade earlier in the year. The car can travel 40 – 50 miles per hour and the speedometer only had a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. The parade was a great way to start the 4th of July holiday, and I would never have been able to meet Smokey the Bear, riding in a car driven by Rosemead City Manager Jeff Allred. It was great fun for those watching as well as those riding in the parade…. More Growth In San Gabriel…. The City Council approved a mixed-use development at 416 E. Las Tunas Drive recently. The project features 9,000 square feet of commercial space, 15 residential condos and 18 live-work units. Supposedly, the project will eliminate blight and improve neighborhood aesthetics. But I see it a different way. I see no blight along Las Tunas. Sure there are some vacant buildings and open lots but nothing that a little development wouldn’t fix. What this project does bring in is more traffic and the continued miss planning by the city. Look at the mixed-use project on San Gabriel Boulevard north of the railroad tracks and south of Broadway. Watch how much congestion will be caused with the additional traffic generated when these units are all filled. The City’s plan is to grow and develop, and that small quaint town of San Gabriel with all of their potholes, will become a congested city, still with all their potholes. To continue to build single property projects without an overall plan will result in a hodgepodge of buildings without anything in common. The city should change its motto from the ‘City with a Mission’ to the ‘City without a Plan’…..

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