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I am sad to say that I live in San Gabriel. I am happy to say that I live in the unincorporated area. I have written before about the crumbling infrastructure of the “city” that shares my address. At their recent March 5 municipal election the person receiving the second highest votes won but was not seated or sworn in. He was questioned as to whether he even lived in San Gabriel. After a cost of $140,000+ with most of it going to attorneys Councilmember Chin Ho took his place on the council dais. This brings me back to my opening statements. Could this money be put to better use by reimbursing citizens for front-end alignments, dodging potholes and missing pavement?  Please San Gabriel, get your act together and finally fix Broadway and Walnut Grove after 40 years.

Temple City is in a financial position that almost every city envies. They have reserves well above other nearby city’s including the one that starts with “A”. The current Council is extraordinary. They work well together to accomplish the greater good for all citizens. They rarely have a divided vote and that is not to say they are a rubber-stamp council. These are five people that have a life apart from City Hall. They rely on staff reports and outside consultants giving them information allowing them to make intelligent decisions.

Knowing that this current council will not be the council five or fifty years from now they took the step to create an ordinance that would safeguard significant reserves in the future. This ordinance would require certain minimum limits for designated reserves.

The Council has taken a bold move. We all know that our savings are earning about .50 percent. The city with millions is no different in this economy. They have taken the position to use some of those funds for significant projects thereby leveraging their reserves.

Have you ever won an award and you did not even know you were possibly a recipient of the award? Well, that happened to me Thursday, June 13 at the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium along with Roger Grody and Stella Yu.


The American Planning Association – Los Angeles Section held their awards ceremony and Temple City took home top honors for the Rosemead Blvd Enhancement Project and for the quarterly Connect Magazine for circulation under 35,000. I am proud and pleased that the city thought well enough of my photos to use them in their award winning publication. The awards will be considered for the State competition soon. Temple City has recently won four awards that are displayed in the lobby of City Hall.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.