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By Eugene R. Webb


In angels I do believe;

In fact, a few I have received.

Angels usually come in a disguise;

At first an angel you won’t realize.

An angel can be someone you haven’t met;

But when you do, there’s no regret.

For an angel can change your life around;

Make you happy and real profound.

You’ll like it very much;

When by an angel you’ve been touched.

Angels come in every shape and size;

Sometimes they can’t be recognized.

Angels are all loving, thoughtful and good;

They’ll help you do things you never could.

God sends us angels, I want to make this clear;

When you need them most, is when they’ll appear.

It’s real important to take heed;

Angels will show up when you’re in need.

They may not be pretty or even have wings;

But you’ll like what an angel brings.

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