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By Eugene R. Webb

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So Innocent And Naïve

It all starts out so innocent and naive;

What drinking can do, nobody would believe.

Alcohol sneaks up when you least expect;

Makes you sick and become a nervous wreck.

Alcohol is the biggest killer we have today;

Yet most people don’t think of alcohol this way.

So many homes have alcohol of some kind;

Some think drinking water, is like beer or wine.

I think I’ll have a drink, you do voice;

You may no longer have a choice.

For that is how it affects some;

And you could be that unlucky one.

For once you acquire alcohol thinking;

You’ll find it is really hard to stop drinking.

For drinking is like playing Russian Roulette;

For things that haven’t happen, can happen yet.

Most people think drinking is not a crime;

But it certainly is some of the time.

People do criminal things, they think are not;

It’s only a crime when they get caught.

So remember on alcohol you can get hooked;

And sooner or later you might get booked.

I can’t think of one good thing alcohol can do;

But I know it can make a fool out of you.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.