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By Eugene R. Webb

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At 10:23 Thursday morning, May 9, 2013;

Lucy Renee Rubio was an answer to a dream.

I thought she was just as cute as a bug’s ear;

And with all that black hair she did appear.

To Noelle Renee and Arturo Rubio Jr., Lucy arrived;

We waited nine months, so she was not a surprise.

Lucy was 21 inches long and 7 lbs. 12 oz., average size;

Same as her Mother & 2nd Cousin Wendi, who are wise.

She is the eighth Great Grandchild and the third girl;

For sure she’s going to have Mom and Dad in a whirl.

She’s loved now being young and even when she’s old;

For we all know Lucy is more precious than any gold.

Lucy is an angel from heaven, we just know you are;

And to your Mommy and Daddy, you are a shining star.

Being born into a big family, there’s a lot to know;

I’m sure we’ll all have a good time watching her grow.

Lucy is like a tiny doll with a beautiful name;

Her Great Great Grandmother’s name was the same.

So Lucy is pretty as a picture hanging on a wall;

Grandpa & Grandma Walsh can’t wait to see her crawl.

The Rubio house has been enlarged by two feet;

That’s where Lucy lives, if it’s her you want to meet.

For Lucy has the cutest little lips and beautiful eyes;

We are truly blest and happy to have her in our lives.


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.