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By Jerry Jambazian

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As I am writing this the temperature in Temple City is approaching 100 degrees. We had every kind of weather imaginable this week. On Thursday as I was going to the neighborhood watch meeting at La Rosa Elementary School I had my air conditioning on. One hour later we had thunder, lighting, and rain. Welcome to Southern California where if you don’t like the weather just wait an hour.

If you have not gone to a Neighborhood Watch meeting I would encourage you to attend. Previously these meetings would meet in a home with possibly a handful of interested citizens. Temple City along with the Sheriff’s Department has revised this informative program. The city is divided into 12 geographical areas with a different area featured each month at a location that can accommodate up to 100 people, usually a church or school. A free dinner is provided at 5:30 along with free child-care. The video has been posted to YouTube for you to view.


Timely subjects are also covered such as the closure of Baldwin Avenue for the grade separation of the train tracks. The CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) are volunteer citizens trained for three Saturday’s who would be called into action if there was a disaster in Temple City such as a major earthquake or heaven forbid another windstorm. Do you remember the old “Code Enforcement”? It has taken on a new kinder and gentler name. Community Preservation is helping residents keep their home crime free through “Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design” (CPTED). Are your hedges so tall that it is providing a hiding place for a burglar? Do you know your neighbors? Are you looking out for them and are they looking out for you? Will they call the Sheriff’s if they see something suspicious?

The program is spearheaded by 25-year veteran Sheriff’s Deputy Rick Adams, Sergeant Ron Miranda, Community Preservation Officer Rommel Delargarza, along with Public Safety Officer Bryan Ariizumi.

Deputy Rick Adams knows our community well having parents and a grandmother living in Temple City. He outlines crime trends and statistics along with ways for the homeowner to stay safe. He does it in a way that engages the residents with thought provoking questions with a little humor along the way. If Sheriff’s deputies were on every corner they still could not stop all crime. They depend on an extra set of eyes and ears, such as the residents. If you see something unusual in your neighborhood it is better to be safe and call.

There is a reason that Temple City is the 40th safest city in the United States. It begins with a City Council and staff dedicated to quality of life for its citizens along with deputies who really want to keep our neighborhoods safe.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.