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by Eugene R. Webb

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A loving mother is God’s special creative treasure;

And the love we have for her we cannot measure.

A mother is a person who loves you from inside out;

That’s what I believe that true love is all about.

Honor your mother with all the love in your heart;

For in your life she will always be an important part.

Without a mother where would we have been?

It’s great if you realize she is truly your best friend.

If you think it’s your mother making you feel blue;

Often, it’s not her, it’s something wrong with you.

For she is the one person that you can always trust;

Over all of her children she will make a big fuss.

Mothers can make our life really worthwhile;

Just with a kiss, a touch or a great big smile.

She’ll keep the family together by being so strong;

Love you when your right and even when your wrong.

Many times she won’t like some of the things you do;

You can be assured that she’ll never stop loving you.

Remember, God gave her a lot of wisdom and insight;

So hang on to your mother with all your might.

Whether your mother is here, passed on or miles apart;

I know just thinking of her will warm your heart.

Keep in mind a mother does make life worth living;

When you think of all the joys she’s been giving.

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.