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by Joe Castillo

by Joe Castillo


San Gabriel/ Rosemead

Around the Town  …… The San Gabriel City Council voted to set the date for a hearing to determine the residence of council member-elect Chin Ho Liao. The hearing has been set for Thursday April 25 at 1PM in council chambers.  The council will hear the evidence relating to Fred Paine’s challenge of Mr. Liao’s residence as well as public comment. The public is invited to attend.  You don’t want to miss this hearing. It’s very rare to not sit an elected official and even rarer for a city council to act as judge and jury.  One thing is for certain, no matter what decision the city council makes, expect lawsuits to be filed by the losing party….. I wonder if someone could file a lawsuit against the city for its growing collection of potholes. Maybe they could hold a hearing to get the opinion of residents of the city who have to navigate the streets like an obstacle course….. In the 100 years of the City of San Gabriel, there have been 66 Mayors. From 1913 thru 1988, the term of the Mayor was two years, and in 1990 the term changed to 9 months and 2 weeks. Beginning in 1994, the term changed again this time to one year. It’s been 19 years since the last term change, so I’m expecting any day a new change to the term of the Mayor. I’m sure that City Council could come up with creative term; maybe it could call a special session or hearing to determine what the term of Mayor should be. Don’t be surprised if shorter terms were voted on by local residents, it happens in San Gabriel every twenty years or so….. Public Works Day is set for May 23rd when the City of San Gabriel hosts its 11th Annual Open House at the City Yard, 121 W. Mission Rd from 10AM – 2PM.  Equipment demonstrations and exhibits from the City, Southern California Edison, Athens Services and other agencies will be featured. Don’t expect any pothole repair demonstrations though as the current crew may not have enough experience in performing that highly complex job…. San Gabriel has four Parks throughout the City including Smith Park, Plaza Park, Grapevine Arbor Park and Vincent Lugo Park. Smith Park was established in 1932 with a generous estate donation of $10,000 by John F. Smith. The Municipal Pool was constructed in 1953 at a cost of $70,000. Plaza Park is owned by the San Gabriel Mission and was the first home of the Mission Play. Originally named Sherwood Park in honor of Mrs. Howard U. Sherwood, the park is used primarily as an open green space adjacent to the Mission. The Grapevine Arbor Park was home to the historic Trinity Vine which was transplanted by Leonard Rose. The City of San Gabriel acquired the property in 1947. Vincent Lugo Park was originally nicknamed ‘McKinley’s Badlands’ was a landfill project which required 200,000 square yards of earth to fill it in to become a park. Originally named Municipal Park, the park was renamed for the former Park Supervisor who oversaw development and maintenance of the Park.


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