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By Eugene Webb

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We here on earth are just passing through;

It’s best when God is traveling with me and you.

Early in my life I chose to take some rough paths;

At first it was a lot of fun and along with laughs.


But I found myself doing things that were insane;

 I couldn’t believe the number one enemy was my brain.

I was in serious trouble and no longer having a ball;

 For I was drinking that old drug, known as alcohol.


 I never ever thought of my car as a weapon, you see;

 Nor that a lot of cold beers would kill you or me.

 I also know that I drove with one eye on the line;

 I do believe that God took the wheel most of the time.


 God has been watching over me, for that I’m real glad;

Many times I drove drunk, but an accident I never had.

But how many accidents I’ve caused, I just can’t say;

But I’m certainly grateful that I don’t drink today.



Once in trouble, God sent an angel I didn’t know;

I was really drunk and it was a man known as “Moe”.

L.A. in my car on the train tracts I was badly stuck;

A man just appeared out of nowhere, God was my luck.


Now I’m here in a program because I am not all there;

I chose this route in life, so God was not unfair.

Being immature, I had a lot to learn the hard way;

Now I thank a loving God, as I’m living just for today.


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.