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By Mavis Hansen

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Hope that you had a most wonderful and HAPPY EASTER.  Now that March is over and we are into the first month of Spring, we are reminded that April is Alcohol Awareness Month, Keep America Beautiful Month, National Poetry Month, National Youth Sports Safety Month, National Recycling Month, National Child Abuse Prevention Month and National Trauma Awareness Month.

You are invited to the Kick Off Rally of the American Cancer Society  “Making Strides Against Breast Cancer” to be held at El Encanto, 700 El Mercado Avenue, Monterey Park, California on Saturday, April 13, 2013 from 12:00 P.M. to 1:00 P.M.  RSVP a must before April 10, 2013 to 310-738-2801.  You may start a team, join a team or walk as an individual and encourage others to support you.

The El Monte Women’s Club held their Annual Reciprocity Tea on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 at the El Monte Community Center, 3130 N. Tyler Avenue, El Monte, California.  President Lorene Gutierrez called the meeting to order and welcomed members and guests.  Chairman Bonnie Jimenez introduced the honored guests:  San Gabriel Valley District President Mavis Hansen,  San Gabriel Valley 2nd Vice President Rosemary Morabito,  San Gabriel Valley District Recording Secretary Mary Jo Kolakoski,  Montebello Woman’s Club Co-Presidents: Anita Dean and Ruth Wheeler;  La Puente Valley Woman’s Club President Janell Barr and Whittier Women’s Club Co-President Joann Snyder.  Special guest was Connie Lara, sister of our recently deceased member, Frances Lara.    Birthday Chairman Emily Ishigaki presented birthday gifts and all members joined in singing Happy Birthday to the members with March Birthdays:  Margaret Chinn,  Mavis Hansen,  Tina Huizar, Emily Ishigaki, Jane Myring and Nick Salerno.   Nominating Committee Chairman Esthela Siegrist announced the slate of Officers for the 2013-2014 year:  President:  Rita Cazares, 1st V.P. ‘s: Jane Myring and Millie Rawle, 2nd V. P. Esthela Siegrist, 3rd V. P. Terri Oropeza, Recording Secretary Mavis Hansen, Financial Secretary Mary Jo Kolakoski, Treasurer Dorothy Denning, Corresponding Secretary Bonnie Jimenez and Ways & Means Leticia Rivera. Lloyd Bradshaw provided fantastic entertainment; he is a vocalist and performing artist/impersonator of “The King, Elvis Presley. The performance was greatly enjoyed by all.

The Final Results of the San Gabriel Valley District Craft Fair Winners are: CROCHETED AFGHAN: 1st Alicia Lopez, Pio Pico W.C 2nd Eleanor Burress, Fed. East Valley W.C 3rd Joyce Gamble, Baldwin Park W.C. CROCHET (LARGE):  1st Marlene Vernava, Santa Fe Springs W.C 2nd Luz Porlier Duarte W.C.   CROCHET (SMALL):  1st Joan Tucker, Diamond Bar W.C 2nd Fern Lee, Baldwin Park W.C.  3rd Sandra Virag, La Crescenta W.C CROCHET BABY CLOTHES: 1st Esthela Torres de Siegrist, El Monte W.C.  CROCHET BLANKET: 1st Pat Noone, West Covina W.C 2nd Marlene Vernava, Santa Fe Springs W.C 3rd Hila Lopez, Pio Pico W.C DECORATIVE PAINTNG:  1st Zita Rodriguez, Pio Pico W.C., 2nd  Luz Porlier, Duarte W.C., 3rd Alicia Lopez, Pio Pico W.C.;  DOLLS: 1st   Zita Rodriguez, Pio Pico W.C.,  2nd  Luz Porlier,  Duarte W.C.;  3rd Elsie Gomez, El Monte W.C.;  EMBROIDERY:  1st  Marge Spillman, West Covina W.C.;  2nd Joan Ramsey, Pio Pico W.C.; 3rd Enedina Tamayo, Baldwin Park W.C.    CHRISTMAS DECORATIONS: 1st Orien Pagan, Diamond Bar W.C., 2nd Katherine Barney, Baldwin Park W.C., 3rd Rosette Clippinger, Diamond Bar W.C.;  HOLIDAY DECORATIONS:  1ST Carol Salas, Pio Pico W.C.; 2nd Zita Rodriguez, Pio Pico W.C., 3rd Norma Marx, West Covina W.C.;  HAND KNITTING LARGE:  1st Luz Porlier, Duarte W.C.  HAND KNITTING SMALL:  1st Belin Chavez, Pio Pico W.C.,  2nd Sandra Satterwhite, LaCrescenta W.C., 3rd  Sandra Virag, La Crescenta W.C.; HAND KNITTING BABY CLOTHES: 1ST Marge Spillman, West Covina W.C., 2nd Esthela Torres deSiegrist,  HAND KNITTING BABY AFGHAN: 1st Esthela Torres de Siegrist;  JEWELRY:  1st Donna Mauk, West Covina W.C., 2nd Anna Grehova, Baldwin Park W.C., 3rd Bea Proo, Pio Pico W.C.;  NEEDLEPOINT PLASTIC: 1st Pat Noone, West Covina W.C., 2nd Donna Bauchman, Covina W.C.,  3rd  Rose Ash, Montebello W.C.;  NEEDLEPOINT CANVAS:  1st JoAnn Villa, El Monte W.C., 2nd Orien Pagan, Diamond Bar W.C.;  HAND QUILTING:  1st Mary Stewart, Pio Pico W.C.;  MACHINE QUILTING: 1st Sheri Uhlig, Duarte W.C., 2nd Luz Porlier, Duarte W.C., 3rd Dawna Berger, La Crescenta W.C.; TOYS: 1st Katherine Barney, Baldwin Park W.C.;  TRASH TO TREASURE:  1st Luz Porlier, Duarte W.C., 2nd Jean Glass, Duarte W.C., 3rd Norma Marx, West Covina W.C.;  UNCLASSIFIED CATEGORY:  1st Mary Stewart, Pio Pico W.C., 2nd Marianne Jennings, La Crescenta W.C., 3rd Claudia Heller, Duarte W.C.; BEST OF SHOW: JoAnn Villa, El Monte W.C.


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