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‘Town Tweets’

by Joe Castillo

By Joe Castillo

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Bye Bye Bahooka….


One of Rosemead’s unique landmarks closed its doors on March 17th. Bahooka Restaurant located at Rosemead Boulevard and Lower Azusa will be closed for good after years of serving customers throughout the San Gabriel Valley. Known for its numerous aquariums, island décor, tropical drinks and secluded settings, Bahooka’s thrived in the 1970’s and 80’s as a first date and romantic meeting place. The exterior of the restaurant was decorated with artifacts such as Navy rowboats, anti-aircraft guns, steam stacks and pier pylons.  The interior was decorated with hula skirt lamps, seashells, diving gear and tiki figures. It was an image of Tahiti on Rosemead Boulevard that attracted customers. Since the announcement of its closure, fans came out in droves to have one last drink or take one more journey around the tropical setting. The wait for a table was well over two hours and one night last week seating was discontinued at 7:00PM due to capacity attendance. It didn’t always have the best food but the drinks made up for it. Drinks like a Zombie, Blast, Sunrise and Tidal Wave made you feel like you were on a summer vacation on a deserted island. The City of Rosemead does not yet know what will happen to the property but you can be  your last canoe paddle that there will never be another Bahooka’s in its place ….Election Short Notes…. Election Night always brings out surprises. Here are some that I noticed this past election. In San Gabriel, no voting machines or stamp markers were used to record votes. Instead the prose was to fill in the bubbles with a marker pen; I haven’t done that since the 70’s. I guess the city was saving their money to fix the many potholes that are growing in the city. A low turnout for both cities just gives more reason to schedule municipal elections with major national, state and county election dates. I liked Rosemead’s paper distribution of vote results but I liked San Gabriel’s’ visual display better. To see all the incumbents at the Rosemead City Hall was encouraging to see but to only see one candidate at San Gabriel was disappointing. All in all, both cities did well in managing the elections. It really is good to see democracy at work….  Lowering the Tracks… Construction of the Alameda Corridor Trench project is scheduled to begin this week. Years of brush growth along the train route was cleared as a prep to begin construction. I’ve lived in San Gabriel all my life and have never seen the view along Mission Road looking south toward San Gabriel High School as unobstructed as it was recently. There’s probably 50 plus yards between Mission Road and the fence protecting the high school that I didn’t realize existed until the brush was cleared. Years ago as a Matador at San Gabriel we used to run the Almansor run. The run took us from the baseball field out to Ramona Avenue, south around the golf course and Almansor Park, then east along the train tracks, back to Ramona and then into the south entrance of the high school. It was a 3.5 mile run and it was a killer to run in the heat of the day. Back in the day, the fastest way to run the tracks was right down the middle being careful to step on ties between the rails….

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
‘Town Tweets’