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By Dwain C. Crum

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Sailing to the Land of The Incas

Crossing the Equator is a big deal when traveling by ship.  After leaving Panama my ship, the Pacific Princess, sailed south to the nation of Ecuador and the port of Guayaquil.  The Equator is the imaginary line that divides the world in two.  Prior to doing that you are called a polliwog and only by crossing the Equator does one become a shellback.  Only in 2012, during my 19th cruise had I finally earned that term.  Both Guayaquil in Ecuador and Callao in Peru were ports I have visited just last year.

Guayaquil is an interesting city in that it is much larger than you would think.  It has about twice the population of Quito, Ecuador’s capital.  It has a beautiful area along the river called Malecon 2000 which is a highlight of anyone’s visit to Ecuador.  The Parque de Igwanas (aka Simon Bolivar Park) while not as scenic or pristine as Malecon 2000 certainly provides its own unique experience.

Callao is to Lima, Peru what San Pedro is to Los Angeles, CA.  It has the same type of relationship and is roughly the same distances.  So while the cruise ships anchor at Callao, Lima is the big city and the attraction.  To me of the many neighborhoods in Lima, Miraflores is the most beautiful. Inside Miraflores is Parque de Amor with its wonderful flowers and views of the Pacific.  There were some unusual statues as well.

From the Panama Canal to Guayaquil is 748 nautical miles and from Guayaquil to Callao are 2,033 more.  After leaving Peru set course for one of the most mysterious places on Earth, Easter Island


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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
” The Sea Rebel “