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by Eugene R. Webb

They either are or they aint;

That’s how I explain a saint.

There are many different saint days;

Celebrated by many people in different ways.

But Saint Patrick’s Day is special as it can be;

For his exceptional holiness of life, you see.

By the Christian Church he is recognized;

For he is a Patron Saint of Ireland, no surprise.

I think lovingly it’s also known as Saint Paddy’s Day;

And celebrated worldwide, with a parade on the way.

It’s observed on March Seventeenth by the Irish;

And, of course, by all other people who wish.

I always think of it as the wearing of the green;

For on Saint Patrick’s Day that is what is seen.

I remember in High School that it was a cinch;

If you weren’t wearing green you’d be pinched.

And it didn’t matter if you were Irish or not;

Without any green, you were bound to get caught.

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