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Letters to the Editor

By: David Siegrist

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Dear Editor,

I wish to publicly and loudly protest the long-time unpublicized financial plight of our El Monte Union High School District.  To hastily call a “special meeting” of the Board on Tuesday, February 19, 2013, not inform the public, and announce the bad news makes no sense. We in the public were left our of the loop.  Why? There are solutions to problems if one vigorously seeks them and “thinks outside the proverbial ‘box.”  Our Supervisor Gloria Molina has millions to spend in discretionary funds every year and, I am convinced, that she might or might have donated a large sum–if asked to do so.  Did anyone ask her?  And, we have major contractors to the district–did anyone ask for donations from them?  Myriad elected officials have large sums in their campaign accounts..did anyone seek a donation or two?  Some school districts have even enacted across the board pay cuts to save jobs…did anyone suggest doing this?  Did anyone notify our members of our El Monte/South El Monte Chamber of Commerce or area City Councils and seek assistance?  To simply accuse and blame Sacramento is not the answer.  It’s a cop out!

In closing, I wish to publicly congratulate and applaud our Board Member Ms. Juanita Gonzalez for her “no” votes.”  Her votes clearly show her genuine concern for education and her willingness to seek alternatives to laying off 62 teachers and harming our students.

David Siegrist

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Letters to the Editor