News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.

Webb Rules

by Eugene R. Webb

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One of my favorite people was Vera Price;

Always so thoughtful and oh so nice.

You’d never see this woman with a frown;

And she was so much fun to be around.

Vera would give to others, the best gift of all;

Just being a wonderful person I do recall.

She was smiling, loving and always caring;

And of herself she was happily sharing.

She was a maid and I a bellhop at Rogerson Hotel;

Once in the Coffee Shop, Harry Butt, I had to yell.

I couldn’t believe, when I was asked to page this man;

But was sure happy when he got up and waved his hand.

I remember being nervous, embarrassed and ashamed;

For I thought their couldn’t be a guy with that name.

I ran up the stairs to tell Vera, I told her it can’t be;

We both had a good laugh and she was quick to agree.

Vera was a good sport, always going the extra mile;

She was also very funny, made me laugh and smile.

To see Pete and Vera we’d drive miles out of our way;

Just to be able to spend time with them for a day.

Aileen and I loved Vera and her entire family too;

For her friends, there’s nothing Vera wouldn’t do.

However, after all of that is said and done;

I always felt like family, she treated me like a son

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News of the San Gabriel Valley since 1966.
Webb Rules